Friday, August 19, 2011

DECK THE HALLS FRIDAY - Decking my walls???


Really, Friday sure snuck up on me this week. Last day home alone with the little ones before they all go to school, bitter sweet. Needless to say Christmas hasn't been on my mind this week, or so that is what I thought...

Nothing suspicious here...just adding to the photo wall outside our bedroom
(ignore the missing trim in my arch and the old table...just a placeholder to see how many times I run into it at night before investing in a new one)
Nothing unusual, that is, until I went to bed and noticed that a Christmas tree had formed on my wall...
The grouping initially started with the large picture and then the 3 underneath.  The other day I added a photo of our cat that we lost last year and the doorknob hooks that now appears to be the base of a tree... Just goes to show even when I am not in "Christmas mode" subliminally I am!

Do you have any HOLIDAY INSPIRATION to share this week?

Join the DECKT THE HALLS FRIDAY linky party and share your ideas, inspiration, stories, whatever you are thinking about this week that is holiday related. 

- A new post or re-post from seasons past
- Link as many posts as you like each week
- Holiday inspiration photos (if they aren't yours be sure to give credit where credit is due)
- Gift Ideas
- Recipes
- Crafts
- Planning tips and so on...

All I ask is that you link your post back to mine and either grab my DECK THE HALLS FRIDAY button to place in your post or on your sidebar and/or mention DECK THE HALLS FRIDAY in your post. Thanks to my new visitors last week, crazy week and I didn't get a chance to visit you but I will!

Have a great weekend,
Best wishes,


Leann said...

That made me smile. I have a little bit of Christmas tucked into every room of the house. My studio even has a feather tree all decoorated:)


Natasha in Oz said...

That is so gorgeous. You really are a Christmas gal!

Thanks for having me today. I love it that your party has started back up again. It always signifies that we are getting closer to the most wonderful time of the year!

Best wishes,

Pearl Maple said...

Sweet theme you have for a link party here, there have been no sightings here but I should be getting my thinking cap on soon, it is only weeks away now!